About Me

Hello, my name is Hazel and over the last 10 years, I have enjoyed a varied career as an executive, small business owner and project manager and consultant within a variety of small businesses, start-ups and corporate companies. I truly understand how overwhelming it can be when you have too many plates spinning, particularly in the early stages of a venture.


Employing a full-time team member can be a big step, not to mention a significant financial commitment and perhaps you only need help for a few hours a week!  Finding the right person (at the right price) is a problem that so many of us have in business... and that's where I come in. From website design to small business consulting, I provide bespoke packages to suit your needs and budget.


Although working 70+ hour weeks can be worth the grind and reward, it doesn't always have to be that way! Having helped many business owners achieve their goals, I believe that delegation is key to success both professionally and personally. I offer a cost-effective solutions to help you put down those spinning plates.


I am so passionate about working with ambitious people and have found the most rewarding moments of my career in helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to go.

How I Work

I am originally from a tiny village in Scotland and since my career began, I have spent years living and working in the city environment. So in 2019 my husband and I decided to leave the rat race behind for a few years to live and work on a tiny island in the Caribbean. I feel lucky to experience the sun, sea and sand and enjoy road biking, scuba diving and the quiet life but miss the rainy Sunday's and rugged landscapes of home, you can take the girl out of Scotland...!


I love working remotely with people all over the world (working on a different time zone does have its benefits - I work while you sleep!) I am extremely flexible and always work to suit your schedule. I treat each client as an individual and should you choose to hire me, I will work closely with you to create a package that will suit you whilst remaining flexible to your changing needs and the growth of your company.

I pride myself on being organised, innovative, professional, approachable and discreet with a 'can do' attitude! 

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