Should I hire a Small Business Consultant?

One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs when growing their business

is that they are wearing too many hats. The prospect of employing another full or even part-time employee can be a big commitment so why not use a freelance consultant who only works the hours you need them.


Here are just some of the reasons why freelancers are a great investment:

  • Avoid the initial and ongoing costs of a full-time employee such as NI, pension, recruitment, holiday pay etc.

  • Work with me from any location worldwide, working 'virtually' avoids the expense of office space

  • Avoid IT costs - I have all the office equipment required to support your needs

  • Flexible working patterns to suit you, your lifestyle and the road map of your business

  • No long term commitments, contracts or limits - we can work together for as long as you need my support

  • Hire me for a one-off project or event

  • Pay an expert for work completed on your terms and timescales, it's a no brainer!


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Do you require my time?

Like any new process, hiring a consultant will

require some initial setup up time from you and that is why I won't charge you for this.

After our initial consultation call where we agree on a suitable package, I will offer one hour of my time free of charge to complete any setup of tools, access to systems and explanations I may need from you to deliver on the work we have agreed on.

You may find I need to ask you questions as I go, I will approach you via email or phone with clear and concise questions. I am very independent and work well autonomously but I always endeavour to gather all the information I need before starting a job.


Just like working with any new colleague or consultant, I will require some guidance and knowledge of your business or needs but I promise, the investment of your time to delegate your workload will be worth it in the long run!

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How much does it cost?

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  • Hourly rates start at £35 per hour 

  • Monthly retainers start at £350 per month

  • Packages can be designed around your individual needs

After an initial telephone or zoom consultation, I will provide you with a quote by email and once this quote is agreed, I will outline what we discussed in writing, this is not a contract and can be updated at any time as your support needs change.

I will invoice you weekly or monthly depending on your choice of service, you will be able to pay by card, PayPal or BACS. All invoices will be sent in arrears and will include the scope of the work discussed. Any additional work or changes made to the scope of the work will be invoiced separately.

There are no hidden costs involved and I will check in with you regularly to review the level of support you need.

If you no longer need my services, please provide 30 days notice. I will remain as flexible as possible on all changes to agreed levels of support.


For more information about my terms of service, please see my terms & conditions.

Will my details, systems and data be safe with you?

Absolutely, I have the following security in place on all my devices and accounts:

  • I am covered by Norton 360 Lifelock software which helps to protect my devices against existing and emerging online threats. I have taken all the steps to protect myself and you as best I can, however, there is no guarantee and we are all at risk of cyberattacks.

  • I use a secure password vault and a VPN software to increase the security around any passwords or login data you share with me. I delete all system data once a project or service has come to an end.

  • I employ the 2-factor identification system where possible.

  • I hold professional indemnity and cyber and data insurance with Policy Bee.

I maintain the highest security practices to ensure your data will be safe. Please read my privacy policy​ for more information.

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